Brain Drain (The Documentary)

The essence of our documentary is to tell a story about emigration and its effects on the host nation and the home of origin of the migrants. Our documentary technique will be expository in nature, informative and a case study, all in one while focusing on the success stories of Nigerians in the diaspora. Our documentary will explore avenues on how Nigeria can tap into the knowledge acquired by its diaspora population and use it to harness growth and development of the country.

Profiled individuals are expected to tell their story within a 10 minute period in such a manner that will encapsulate the essence of our documentary. It is expected that they approach it from both the human angle and professional point of view.

Topics to cover

  1. science and technology.
  2. Medicine.
  3. Humanity and social Sciences.
  4. Business.
  5. Sports.
  6. Politics.
  7. Entertainment.

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